Immersive Audio Awaits

Do you own a vehicle that has a lot of road noise?  Does your interior buzz and vibrate when you’re listening to your music?  Is your Bluetooth kit useless at freeway speeds?  Sounds Unique has the solution!  We offer a full line of automotive sound control products from Cascade Audio Engineering that can greatly improve your driving experience.  Having the appropriate product installed by an experienced professional can lead to a quieter, more comfortable ride and vastly improve the clarity & performance of your audio system at any speed.

  • Vibration dampeners help reduce or eliminate structural resonance and vibrations.
  • Sound deadening barriers are designed to block and reflect unwanted noise caused by rough roads, loud exhausts, tires and drivetrains.
  • Sound absorbers are mainly used to soak up mid and high band frequencies and also reflect thermal energy.
  • Gasketing materials help to eliminate noises that cause interior components to buzz or rattle and can also be used to seal speakers and interior panels.

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