Integrating video Rosen Headrest Monitorsinto your car, SUV, truck, or van is becoming more popular by the day.  In fact, some vehicle manufacturers now offer it as an option.  We find that it’s especially popular with people that travel with families or small children.

Moms and dads both find overhead or headrest monitors to be a friendly helper with the little ones in the back during long trips.  Pop in a copy of your child’s favorite cartoon and off you go.  Or, what if you have teenagers?  Why not keep them occupied with their favorite video game? Sounds Unique can add any current gaming system to your new video system.  Miles of entertainment await you!  With dual zone entertainment, the front seat passengers can listen to what they want and the passengers in the back can watch their favorite video or play their favorite games.

Car video isn’t just for children, though!  Imagine when you’re parked in front of the school waiting for the kids to arrive, you can be watching that movie you’ve been dying to see or check out  a few Youtube videos  to make you laugh!  Or, maybe you just want to add a flip-down monitor in the trunk for your summer camping trips.

Video monitors and gaming systems can be integrated into nearly all vehicles. We can also add a backup camera! The possibilities are endless! Contact us today for a quote.