When you add a Bluetooth hands free system to your vehicle, it’s a cost effective way to make you and your family’s drive safer as well as more enjoyable!

Don’t worry about a learning curve, it’s easy to make a hands-free call with a Bluetooth kit installed by Sounds Unique! There are many types of Bluetooth systems available that can be integrated into your existing factory stereo system or added to your aftermarket cd player as an upgrade.  With most vehicles, we can simplify the process of receiving or making calls from or to someone with a quick push of a button.  All you have to do is say who you want to call or push the answer button to accept an incoming call.  You’ll experience clear conversations with a noise cancelling microphone that will help to eliminate road noise. Bluetooth is simple to use and will keep your in-vehicle phone conversations legal and your passengers safe!

Choosing to upgrade to a Bluetooth system will also allow you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone.  Some systems can stream Pandora or any other app based music station from your iPhone, iPod, or Android device.

Let’s discuss the benefits of Bluetooth technology and how it can help you, today!


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